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Norid Looks To Make .BV Available In Netherlands

Norid UNINETT logoNorid, best known as the registry for .no (Norway) but also .bv (Bouvet Island) and .sj (Svalbard and Jan Mayen) is looking at making .bv available to Dutch registrants.

The ccTLD is attractive to Dutch companies as the initials “bv” have the same meaning as “Ltd” for British companies and Dutch companies have been making requests to register .bv domains.

So Norid is negotiating with the .nl (Netherlands) registry, SIDN, about a collaboration to make the .bv TLD available to the Dutch market. According to a statement from Norid, SIDN is currently looking into its potential.

For Norid it is important that a TLD we are responsible for is operated in a way we can vouch for, especially with regard to our values and the quality of the service. It is also important that the operation will not harm the good reputation of .no.

“If .bv is going to be used, Norid and SIDN want the TLD to provide actual value to Dutch domain name holders, not become yet another top-level domain full of defensive registrations,” said Managing Director of UNINETT Norid AS, Hilde M. Thunem. “We have also discussed this idea with the Norwegian authorities. They regard the utilisation of an unexploited resource as a positive addition to the existing domain market.”

“Having this domain alongside our successful country-code domain, .nl, can open up new opportunities,” said Roelof Meijer, CEO of SIDN. “We have a strong relationship with Norid and therefore look forward to working with them, and with the Dutch business community, to make the .bv domain a success.”