Nominet welcome email – custom options for Registrars

Nominet logo On 18 March 2008 Nominet introduced some new functions to enable registrars to customise the Nominet welcome email.

Nominet sends a welcome email to registrants 48 hours after a domain name is registered which allows the user to log into their Nominet online services account to check the details of their .uk domain name. Previously this welcome email simply contained the name and main web site for the registrar the customer used to register the domain name.

Nominet has now upgraded this service for registrars to allow them to:

  • Supply a custom url for use in the welcome email
  • Insert their own specific text into the welcome email
  • Preview the welcome email that will be sent

All of these functions are available in the registrar section of the registrar’s online service account. Account administrators and tag administrators are able to make changes to the welcome email settings.

Full details of the welcome email system including instructions and guidance on how to use these new features has been published on our web site: Welcome email – a guide for registrars

Registrar resources

Nominet has also published a number of documents to help registrars and their customers understand how Nominet works. This is important as all .uk registrations involve a three way contract. The latest document – ‘How online services can help you to service your customers’, explains how your customers can use our Online Services to manage some elements of the domain name registration. These documents are in the registrar resources section of our web site.

Nominet requests that any comments about registrar resources or for help customising the welcome email, contact Nominet by email: or by calling their Member and Registrar Support team on 01865 332233.

More information on Nominet, along with this announcement, is available from

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