Nominet Invites Comments On Draft Revised .UK Dispute Resolution Service Policy

Nominet dotUK logo[news release] Nominet, the .UK domain registry, has today opened a comment period on proposed changes to the terms of its Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The comment deadline is 5pm on Thursday 24 March 2016.

The DRS is Nominet’s mediation based process for resolving disputes between parties over the registration or use of .UK domain names. The DRS aims to provide a clear, quick and cost-effective process outside of the formal court system which facilitates an amicable resolution between the parties where possible, and which is accessible and fair to both those complaining and domain name registrants.

While the DRS has a proven track record of success, its governing procedures have not been reviewed since 2008 and for historic reasons, these are in two separate documents leaving scope for unnecessary duplication and complexity.

The proposed changes are intended to address these issues by consolidating the current separate policy and procedure documents into a new single policy document and general updating to reflect the removal of fax numbers, availability of registrations directly at the second level within .UK, removal of the option to file hard copy documents with us, together with other minor clarifications and corrections.

More information can be found here.

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