Nominet Terminates Chief Commercial Officer Due To “Increasing Public Scrutiny”

Nominet logoShe was only appointed in February, but Nominet has announced they have terminated their Chief Commercial Officer Jill Finney due to “increasing public scrutiny”. Nominet believed that this scrutiny made “it impossible for her to continue with her role and responsibilities.”

Finney was one of three “officials alleged to have been involved in an NHS regulator’s cover-up of failures over deaths of babies at a Cumbria hospital have been identified,” according to a BBC News report.

Finney was “said to be present at a meeting where deletion of a critical report was allegedly discussed.”

Consultants “Grant Thornton found that in 2011 an internal review was ordered into how problems had gone unnoticed.”

“But the author of the report – Louise Dineley, CQC head of regulatory risk and quality – said that in a meeting in March 2012 with the three officials named she was told to delete the report by Ms Finney and that Ms Jefferson and Ms Bower had ‘verbally agreed’.

“Ms Dineley claimed Ms Finney, who has now left the CQC, said ‘read my lips’ when she gave the instruction.

“The Grant Thornton report concluded this ‘might well have constituted a deliberate cover-up.’”