Nominet strengthens UK DRS with 14 new appointments

Nominet logoNominet has appointed 14 new independent experts for its Dispute Resolution Service

Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, today announces that it has appointed 14 new independent experts to join its renowned Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The independent experts will provide binding decisions in resolving domain name disputes. Nominet’s DRS provides individuals and businesses with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the courts.

The appointed experts come from a variety of relevant professional backgrounds including IP lawyers, CEDR mediators, arbitrators and senior barristers.

The new appointments will increase the total number of DRS experts from 35 to 40. There are now over 6.6 million .uk domain names and the appointment of new experts is in line with the growth of the .uk  register.

Online disputes account for a small proportion (around 0.05%) of all .uk domain registrations. Nominet currently receives around 80 new cases a month, of which approximately 20% proceed to an expert decision. Therefore, experts deal with around one dispute every two months and are paid £750 for each case.

Nick Wenban-Smith, Senior Legal Counsel at Nominet comments: “We were delighted with the calibre of applications for the positions and are looking forward to welcoming the new experts on board. We are very proud of the service that the DRS provides the Internet industry. In cases where the domain dispute is not resolved through mediation, individuals and businesses can proceed to an expert wholly independent of Nominet for a decision based on the DRS Policy and Procedure.

“We also want to take this opportunity to thank the nine panellists that are stepping down for their hard work and specialist expertise that has made the DRS the world renowned service it is today. The newly appointed experts will help us to maintain the high standard and will ensure that we continue to deliver an efficient method of dealing with domain name disputes in a rapidly changing environment.”

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