Nominet sees opportunities and risks

The UK registry urges firms to protect domain names and looks forward to new gTLDsIT Week reports on the October registrar conference and what 2008 will mean for the domain name industry in the UK. The report notes, “There were also warnings from some quarters over the continued rise of the practice of domain tasting, and firms were urged to tightly manage their domain name portfolios.”The IT Week report continues:
Lesley Cowley, chief executive of Nominet, predicted the UK top-level domain would reach 10 million subscribers next year, but she added that trust and security would increasingly be differentiators for registrars as they seek to retain customers.”The issue of trust is going to be a key factor in this industry over the next year, and something we will continue to monitor,” added Nominet chairman Bob Gilbert.And Lesley Cowley predicted that proposed gTLDs for geographic regions and cities could soon become a reality as Icann looks to liberalise the industry laws governing the creation and running of these domains.To read the full IT Week report, see

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