Nominet Second Governance Consultation

Nominet has announced it is now starting their second Governance consultation, which will last 3 months, from 31 July to 31 October.

The news release goes on to say:
The first consultation dealt with Board composition, policy and fees and ran for 3 months between 2 February 2007 and 9 May 2007.  We received 70 responses and thank those who took the time and effort to respond.

We are now starting the second consultation, which will also last 3 months, from 31 July to 31 October, and will cover the remaining issues of membership, poll voting, proxies and “legal technicalities”.  You can find full details on our web site.

As before, anyone can respond to the consultation either by responding to our online survey, attending our outreach event in London on 16 October (details to follow) or sending your answers to the consultation paper to

All responses will be published on our web site, however we reserve the right to remove any materials that in our opinion are defamatory, offensive or unintelligible.