Nominet Searching For .UK Dispute Resolution Experts

Nominet logoNominet is searching for Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) experts for .UK domain name disputes. The DRS is an alternative dispute resolution procedure which allows parties to attempt to settle their differences via mediation. Unresolved cases have the opportunity to proceed to an independent expert for a decision based on the DRS Policy and Procedure.

Nominet currently receive around 60 new cases a month, of which approximately 25 per cent proceed to an expert decision.

Nominet is looking to appoint around five new experts to their panel for 2012. Candidates can be from backgrounds involved in the Internet industry, mediation or arbitration. Experts are appointed by rotation with a fixed remuneration of £750 (excl. VAT) for a fully reasoned decision and £200 for a summary decision. The fee is determined by the DRS policy and may change.

Full details of this opportunity are available to download as a pdf file.

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