Nominet Reviews .UK Domain Expiry Policy, Surveys Customer Satisfaction

Nominet logoNominet have established an issue group to review domain name expiry policy while also launching two customer satisfaction surveys.

The review will take into account issues relating to the expiry period, post expiry and the renewal of expired domain names more generally.

To get discussion going there is an issue brief available to outline the focus of the group’s discussions.

The issue group process is designed to allow stakeholders to continue to give us regular input as the issue group discussion progresses.

The group brings together expertise and experience from within and outside the domain name industry with participants who will form the core of this issue group, chaired by Gordon Moir, a lawyer and former Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Task Force on Telecoms and ICT. The group’s first meeting will take place on 27 September 2011.

For the customer satisfaction surveys, they are designed to measure the level of satisfaction with the support services that Nominet offers. These surveys are being carried out on Nominet’s behalf by an independent market research company called The Leadership Factor. The findings from both these surveys will be published once the research and analysis is completed.

The member and registrar satisfaction survey will help Nominet measure service levels and identify areas for improvement through a short telephone research interview for members and registrars, who have recently used support services.

The second survey is a registrant satisfaction survey for registrants who have used support services. For this survey an email will be sent inviting participation.

The registrant satisfaction survey measures the level of satisfaction delivered by Nominet’s registrant support service. The survey results will be used to make further improvements to our systems and services.

Previous years surveys are available here.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.