Nominet reaches six million domain registrations

The full text of the news release:The .uk domain name register has passed the six million mark. The domain name taking us to the landmark six million figure was, registered by Tony Hunt, a tradesman from Merseyside.The continued increase in registrations indicates that British Internet users recognise the value of having a address. A recent survey of 2,324 Internet users, carried out by YouGov demonstrated that users were six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine.Lesley Cowley, Chief Executive of Nominet, comments: “With six million domain names now registered and a large percentage of these linked to e-commerce, it’s easy to see the importance of a domain name to a business. Local companies such as Klassik Builders are realising the value of a .uk domain name for promoting their business to customers.”Tony Hunt, registrant of, argues: “I found that not having a web site was restricting the growth of my business. These days people go straight to the Internet to find information – even if they are just looking for a local builder. I plan to use the web site as a shop window to let people know what services are available and how they can contact me. I felt that by choosing a address, people would be more likely to visit my web site.”See for the news release on the Nominet website.And for media coverage see:
Nominet celebrates six millionth .uk domain milestone
The registration of the six millionth domain name highlights the fact that businesses in the UK are voting with their feet in terms of recognising that local domain names are important to customers.

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