Nominet online service upgrade for cancellations and reestablishing identity

Nominet logoNominet has upgraded their online service system to allow domain names to be cancelled online. In addition, they have also automated part of their security process to re-establish identity for account access.

Nominet has implemented a facility to cancel an existing domain name using their online services system. The previous surrender process was paper based. Full details of the new online cancellation process is available.

Re-establish identity
The re-establish identity process is used to regain access to an online services account when the registrant is unsure of their log in email address. Part of this process may require manual checking by Nominet’s support team to ensure the highest levels of security and data integrity, but they have now automated the following element of the process.

If a registrant has set the security questions on their account, they can use these questions to re-establish their identity and log into the account. This process has now been fully automated and there is no charge to re-establish your identity using your pre-set security questions. Details about how to re-establish identity are available.

This information was sourced from a Nominet announcement at

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