Nominet Map Shows Countries By Their ccTLD Size

Nominet have developed the map below to visualise global internet use when it comes to domain names registered within each ccTLD.Nominet, the registry for .uk, notes that “in many other countries, the number of country-code domain registrations can be a useful indicator of internet adoption.”The map shows the tiny Pacific island nation of Tokelau (population 1,100) many many times bigger than it actually is, given its ccTLD, .tk, is the largest with over 31 million domains largely given away. Nominet quote a CNN report that one-sixth of Tokelau’s GDP comes from .tk domains.Most western countries are also over-sized apart from the United States as many American individuals and organisations have registered .com domains instead of .us.Nominet says their “map of the online world does seem to indicate some links between the size of a country’s internet domain, rate of internet adoption, and economic strength. Unfortunately, our map suggests that global inequality offline can often be mirrored by a lack of opportunity and representation in the online world. The continent of Africa is home to more than one billion people, yet on our map it’s much, much smaller than it should be.”Nominet Map-Of-The-Online-World-Scaled