Nominet Commences Consultation on One Character, Two Letter & Reserved .UK Domains

Nominet logoNominet is planning to release two letter, one character and other reserved .UK domains. In planning for the release, the .UK registry has commenced a three month consultation process that closes on 8 June on how the domain names should be released.
Domains that may be released are:

  • all currently reserved one character domains in,, and
  • all currently reserved two letter domains in,, and
  • a series of domain names previously reserved such as domain names that use a gTLD at the third level (e.g. and domains that use a Second Level Domain at the third level (e.g. ).

Nominet’s Policy Advisory Body (PAB) has recommended that two letter domain names should be available for registration and a PAB sub-committee agreed on the principles of how two letter domain names should be released. There are around 2,300 domain names to be released.
In addition the PAB also suggested the release of one character domains and some other short names which are identical to existing generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).
These recommendations and suggestions have been reviewed internally and we consider that in general where there is no longer a technical or policy reason for a restriction in our rules, then those rules should be removed.
It is proposed that, should the domain names be released, there would be a two phase sunrise process. The first round would allow applications from holders of registered trademarks recognised and enforceable in the UK that must be identical to the two letter combination applied for.
The second round would be for domain names not taken up in the first round and open to holders of unregistered rights.
A consultation paper explaining the background to the decision to release the domains and outlining the proposal for releasing them is also available.
A full list of the domain names that could be released is available here.
Exceptions to one character domain names that could be released are available here.
For more information on the consultation process, see:
Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.