Nominet CEO outlines her vision for internet’s future

Nominet’s mission is to help shape the internet to ensure it has a positive impact on its end-users. We want to do all we can to ensure that the internet is a trusted and safe space that everyone can be part of, writes Lesley Cowley, CEO at Nominet, the domain name registry for .uk, in Computer Weekly.In this article Cowley writes the internet industry is entering a critical period with “the industry facing challenges and opportunities in equal measure, but what’s important at a time like this is for industry, government and wider stakeholders to prove that internet self-regulation can be truly effective. Ultimately, we all want the same thing – more representation for the end-user – so we need to keep talking to each other, sensibly agree the best way to achieve this and, mostly importantly, take responsibility and action and deliver on the promises made.”Cowley gives her thoughts on the three areas that she sees impacting the internet industry over the coming years, these being internet governance, ICANN and the Internet Governance Forum.To read this article by Lesley Cowley in Computer Weekly in full, see:

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