Nominet Announces .UK Multi-Year Registrations Commence May 2012

Nominet logo

As of 1 May 2012, .UK domain name registrants will be able to register domains for periods from one to ten years, not just the two years as it is today.

The change comes about following Nominet, the .UK registry, consulting with its members and stakeholders.

“For millions of businesses, their domain name is mission critical – from their website to the email addresses it supports,” said Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet. “By offering longer registration periods, these businesses will have peace of mind that their domain name is secured for a number of years, and they won’t have to worry about renewing so frequently.”

It is expected the fees charged by registrars will vary depending on the period for which registrants want to register their domains. The wholesale fee, that charged to registrars (Nominet members) for a one-year registration will be £3.50 (+VAT), two years will stay the same at £5 (+VAT), with each additional year costing £2.50 (+VAT).

To register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.