Nominet Advises Three Month Countdown Begins For Third-level .UK Registrants To Opt For Second Level Equivalent

The five year ‘Right of Registration’ reservation period for third-level .uk registrants ends on 25 June meaning that if .uk registrants prior to 28 October 2013 haven’t chosen to take up the option of their second level domain by 25 June, then the domain name will become generally available to the public.

The deadline closes at 05:00 BST (UTC+1) on the 25th June, the end of a five year ‘Right of Registration’ period set aside by Nominet in June 2014 to allow third-level domain registrants ample time to consider whether they would like to register their second-level equivalent.

Those with registrations before midnight on 28 October 2013 were given five years to decide whether to register the corresponding .uk ending as well as, or instead of, their existing registration. If a was not registered at that time, rights would have passed to the then the domain. Registrants can check if they have rights here.

After the deadline closes, all previously reserved but unregistered domains will become generally available in July.

Of the original 10 million domains who had their rights reserved in June 2014, there are now 3.2 million domains that have not registered the corresponding shorter .uk equivalent. Over 2 million .uk domains have been registered.

At the end of February there were 9,749,100 third level domain name registrations and another 2,272,134 at the second level according to Nominet statistics.

“We have given registrants a long period of time to consider their options,” said Eleanor Bradley, COO at Nominet: “As the deadline approaches, an advertising campaign will remind rights holders that time is running out. For some companies, they will really want to secure the shorter domain, for their own use, now or in the future, or to guarantee nobody else can use it. They need to take action quickly to avoid missing out. Others are happy with the domain they have, and don’t want to register or use another. It’s important to stress to those people that the existing domain will continue as normal, and no action is required.”

Further details on the Right of Registration period and the .uk domain can be found here.

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