Nokia Plans to Start Making Netbooks

Nokia, the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, said on Monday that it would make and sell its own netbook computers, expanding into the fastest-growing segment of the PC market.The company, which is struggling to keep up with the iPhone from Apple and the BlackBerry from Research In Motion in the smartphone market, has not made a computer since the 1980s. see:Nokia Jumps Into Market for Netbooks
In a bid to bolster sagging sales, Nokia Corp. unveiled a netbook Monday, marking an entry into a fast-growing but crowded sector that is blurring the lines between PC companies and handset makers.The Nokia Booklet 3G, a mini-laptop using Microsoft Corp.’s Windows software, will be a “full-function” personal computer with high-speed mobile Internet access capability, Nokia said. The company declined to comment on pricing, availability or detailed specifications of the device ahead of a media event Sept. 2. announces netbook offering
The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones will join the PC market with its Booklet 3G netbook.The Windows-based device is about 2cm thick and will offer 3G connectivity as well as wi-fi.Analysts said the laptop was a “natural extension” of the company’s product range but the firm would face stiff competition.

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