Nokia launches patent suit over Apple iPad

The burgeoning legal challenges to Apple over its rapid advances in mobile computing mounted on Friday when Finland’s Nokia launched a patent infringement suit over the iPad.Nokia accused Apple in a US federal court in Wisconsin of infringing five patents in the iPad, which has sold 1m units since its US debut in March.Nokia’s suit cites technology used to enhance speech and data transmission and antenna innovations that allow for more compact devices.To read this report from The Financial Times in full, see: see:Nokia lodges another complaint against Apple [AP]
Finnish cell phone maker Nokia Corp. said Friday that it has extended its patent-infringement claims against Apple Inc. to include the new iPad.The latest complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Madison, Wis., follows other lawsuits by Nokia claiming that a broad swath of Apple products violate Nokia patents. Nokia says the disputed technologies help reduce the size and cost of electronic gadgets. Apple had already responded with its own infringement claims against Nokia. [short version]Nokia sues Apple for ‘patent infringement’
The world’s biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming the iPad 3G and iPhone infringe five of its patents.Nokia claims the infringements involve technology used to enhance speech and data transmission and antenna innovations for compact devices. targets Apple’s iPad in new lawsuit
Nokia today expanded its legal attack against rival Apple to the iPad, alleging that Apple’s tablet and iPhone violate five Nokia patents, federal court documents show.The patents, which cover signal-to-noise modulation, geo-location and antenna technologies, are different than the 17 patents Nokia has claimed Apple infringed in two earlier federal lawsuits. broadens legal row with Apple to include iPad
Nokia Oyj, the world’s top handset maker, broadened its patent fight with Apple Inc on Friday to include the iPad, deepening the bitter legal disputes between the two smartphone rivals.The firms turned to the courts in the last year as Nokia battles Apple, which only entered the mobile business in 2007, but has taken a sizeable share of the fat-margined, fast-growing smartphone market.

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