Nokia Aims to Be No. 1 on the Mobile Web

If being first mover meant anything, Anssi Vanjoki and his colleagues at Nokia would already rule the mobile Web. Way back in 1996, the Finnish company launched a prototype phone with a “dangerometer,” which used software and satellite technology to match your location to an online database of crime statistics. If you strayed into a dodgy neighborhood, the meter would turn from green to red, and an icon popped up inviting you to buy life insurance online.Vanjoki, a Nokia executive vice-president, chuckles as he recalls the farfetched idea. Yet he and his team at Nokia headquarters, on a quiet cove outside Helsinki, are convinced the day they’ve long hoped for has finally arrived. After a decade of false starts and half-kept promises, the Net is breaking free of its desktop chains and going mobile. “The next generation of the Web is going to be all about the small multimedia computer and not the PC,” says Vanjoki.To read more of this BusinessWeek story, see

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