No welcome for Deutsche Telekom national Internet plans from EU Commission

Is the Internet heading for Balkanization? Deutsche Telekom has plans to shield German data from foreign hands. These plans could be counterintuitive for European business, says EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes.Deutsche Telekom’s plans for a Schengen (European) Internet were reiterated by the company’s CEO, René Obermann, at the 2013 Cyber Security Summit on Monday (11.11.2013). The plan is a direct response to Snowden’s revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been accessing the data of millions of Europeans online without their knowledge. Deutsche Telekom believes that it can protect the data of German customers from foreign governments and companies by keeping it in the country.Basically, IP addresses will be used to recognize when both the sender and the recipient of the emails are in Germany, and based on that information, peering systems between national email providers will be used to transfer this information, explained Thomas Tschersich, who heads Deutsche Telekom’s IT Security.

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