No social media revolution for Cuba

A strange thing happened to me the other week. While the so called Facebook revolution was sweeping through Egypt I found myself in an almost completely net free zone, a rare black hole on the Facebook map: Cuba.There might be some debate about whether Mubarak was toppled by the net nerds of Cairo or not – after all he did shut the whole thing down after a while – but what seems clear is that social media certainly helped get the ball rolling. What’s also clear is that the old comrades in their battle fatigues in Havana have nothing to fear from any like-minded, touch screen freedom fighters. For most people in Cuba even the mobile phone is pretty much out of reach. Access to the internet is reserved for the ruling elite, those in favour with the regime or the relatively wealthy – which is usually the same group.Here’s how it works for most of the rest of the population.To read this ABC News report in full, see:

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