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.NO Opening To All Norwegians On 17 June

Norid dotNO logoAs of 17 June, individuals will be able to apply for their very own second level .no domain name.

To start, applications from individuals will be accepted from 10:00 local time on the day. Everyone should have an equal opportunity when the allocations begin. This means that during a transitional period, where there is more than one application there will be a draw, that seems to be akin to a lottery. The draw will close at 16:00 on 18 June. After the draw, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

“A Norwegian domain name is stable and among the most secure in the world. We are very pleased to extend this service to private individuals,” says Hege Ossletten, Acting Managing Director of Norid.

There will not be any priorities on private domain names. This means that anyone can apply for any name. The person registering a name must, however, ensure that the name isn’t in violation of Norwegian law or a third party’s rights.

More information, in Norwegian, is available at