‘No laughing matter’: Google enlists comedian to help in fight against Australia’s news code

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Greta Lee Jackson stars in Google’s latest campaign salvo, which comes as the Australian competition regulator wraps up the consultation period with digital platforms and news publishers before the proposed mandatory news code becomes law. The search giant claims the proposal is “extreme” and unfair.

The final stage of the campaign is focused on what Google calls the “highly unusual, largely untested, one-sided arbitration system” that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has proposed in the draft code.

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Australia’s media code won’t allow fair negotiations
Over the past month, we’ve outlined our concerns with Australia’s draft News Media Bargaining Code: a new proposed law that would impact the way Australians use Google Search and YouTube. We don’t oppose a code governing the relationship between news businesses and digital platforms—but right now the way the law is drafted isn’t fair or workable.  

Last week, we proposed changes to help move us forward. Today, we want to go into more detail about one of our biggest concerns—the highly unusual, largely untested, one-sided arbitration system that would determine commercial arrangements between Google and news companies.

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