.NL Whois Data Now Includes Registrar’s Contact Details For Reporting Abuse

SIDN-logoThe registration, or Whois, data for each .nl domain name now includes contact details for reporting abuse to the registrar, SIDN, the .nl registry has announced. The change came into effect on 10 August.

‘Abuse’ means any form of internet crime. The additional information will soon be available from the Whois on the .nl registry’s website. Easy access to abuse contact details will mean that issues involving the domain name can be dealt with more quickly.

As the operator of one the world’s most secure domains, SIDN notes they attach great importance to fighting abuse, acting against internet crime that uses .nl domains wherever they can. SIDN’s abuse204.nl programme is one example. From August, SIDN will be publishing the email address and phone number that can be used to contact the registrar if you come across an issue linked to a domain name. The intention is to make it easier to report abuse.