.NL Dispute Resolution System Now Entirely Electronic

SIDN has modified the Dispute Resolution Regulations for .NL domain names as of 4 March 2010. As a result of the changes, much of the correspondence that previously went by post will in future go by email.

For example, an initial complaint will have to be submitted to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center in Geneva (WIPO) by email only. The regulations previously stipulated that, as well as contacting WIPO by email, a complainant had to send five copies of the complaint by registered post.

In line with the UDRP

The changes being made to the Dispute Resolution Regulations for .NL Domain Names follow similar changes to the UDRP (the corresponding regulations for .com and certain other domain names), which came into effect on 1 March. Under the revised .NL regulations, a complaint about a .NL domain name will be forwarded to the name’s registrant by email. However, to make sure that the complaint has actually reached the registrant, WIPO will also write to the registrant’s postal address to say that a complaint has been made.

Copies of the updated Dispute Resolution Regulations, standard complaint form, standard response form and Notes on the Dispute Resolution Regulations are attached. A copy of WIPO’s Practical Guidelines is also available here.

Fast, easy and cheap

SIDN’s dispute resolution system is intended as a fast, easy and cheap option for settling disputes that involve .NL domain names without going to court. Disputes are resolved by independent, recognised experts in Dutch law on domain names and intellectual property rights. SIDN does not involve itself in the settlement of individual disputes.

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