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NiRA Aiming To Boost .NG Registrations Among Nigerians Giving Away 100,000 Domains

NiRA Proud To Be A Nigerian logoThere is currently a push underway to boost Nigerian’s use of their .ng ccTLD. Currently there are around 60,000 registrations, the Nigerian newspaper This Day reported. This is remarkably low given the country has 174.5 million people.

In a move to help boost registrations, the .ng registry, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has said it will give out 100, 000 free domain names to interested Nigerians in 2014 as part of its plan to celebrate the nation’s 100 years centenary anniversary, This Day reported.

NiRA has set up a working committee to examine ways to boost registrations. The President of NiRA, Mary Uduma, said the initiative was borne out of desire to promote the use of the .ng domain name by Nigerians.

The committee is to pass on its recommendations on boosting registrations to the Ministry of Communications Technology by February

While assessing the adoption of .ng domain name in the country so far, the NiRA President said, “in 2009 we had less than 2,000 domain names but now we have about 60, 000 registered domain names.”

Uduma also “called on registrars to take advantage of the opportunity to offer free domain name hosting which they will give to their registrants,” This Day continued. “This she stressed will open doors of loyalty between them and their registrants.”