Austrian Registry Injects Humour Into Their Anycast Service

nicat AustriaWith the 2018 Domain Pulse set for 22 and 23 February in Munich, Domain Pulse recalled a video released by the Austrian ccTLD registry during the 2017 Domain Pulse last year to promote RcodeZero Secondary. That we forgot to promote.

RcodeZero Secondary is a product of IPCom, a subsidiary of The RcodeZero Anycast network has been developed by’s R&D department and has been successfully in use for the .at zone. External name service monitoring by RIPE NCC proves that .at is one of the most reliable top level domains.

So the video was released in the early days of the Trump presidency and is a humorous look at RcodeZero Secondary. Warning. Trump fans should stay away!

And don’t forget. The 2018 Domain Pulse is happening soon at BMW Welt in Munich.