NIC México publishes new rules for .MX domains

NIC Mexico logoNIC México (México Network Information Center) has published new rules for .MX domain names that establish rules and procedures for .MX.

The documents describing the new rules and procedures include the following:

  1. Rules of Re-opening .MX: In this document the requirements for the participants appear in detail, the details of the technical processes and business, considerations and dispositions in each one of the 3 phases that will allow the re-opening of .MX to be carried out
  2. Names of reserved dominion .MX: In this document is the listing of names that cannot be registered
  3. Procedure of Nonconformity: This procedure will allow for the possibility to ask for the revision of the allocation of a Name of Dominion directly under .MX, realised during the Period of Pre-registry. This resource will be available for the Registrants that have asked for the same name.
  4. Format for Procedure of Nonconformity: This document will have to be completed to initiate the request of the Process of Nonconformity
  5. Modification to the Policies of Registry .MX for Re-opening .MX: This document comprises the rules for the names of dominion .MX and will be applicable during the process of re-opening of the .MX registry. This document covers the application, registration and management of .MX names including general registration policies during the re-opening process.

However it should be the existing general policies will continue for the time being with the exception being modifications included in this document.

The relevant documents are available here –

The original of this document in Spanish is available from:

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