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NIC DO to Launch Second Level Domains

NIC DO will begin accepting registrations for second level .DO (Dominican Republic) domains from 10 December 2009 as one of a number of changes to registration policies.

For registrations at the second level, NIC DO will register all current third level registrations registered before 30 October at the second level as part of a pre-registration period.

There are a number of domains that cannot be registered including those with less than two characters and those of cities within the Dominican Republic, among others.

For domains where there are two or more of the same character string registered at the third level, the registrant who has registered the domain name for the longest period will automatically gain the second level registrations.

Domain names requested under pre-registration will have to be completed before 10 March 2010, at that time if the registration is not complete it will become available for any interested person.

In addition to this change, there are also new policies for dispute resolution of .DO domain names.

Every lawsuit, controversy or complaint between the owner of a .DO domain name and NIC DO, resulting from the application of these policies or related to the same, its failure, its interpretation, etc. must be solved directly by them, and by default, will be subject to arbitration by the Counsel of Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of commerce and Production of Santo Domingo, Inc.

In the case of a dispute between a registrant and a third party regarding the registration or use of the domain name, this dispute will be subject to the disposition established in the Politics of Controversy resolution in matters of domain names for .DO and the Requirement of the Policy of resolution of controversies in matters of domain names (The Regulations) for .DO and the Additional Regulations of the provider of the controversy resolution regarding domain names.

NIC DO has selected the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the WIPO to manage the controversies.

For more information, mostly in Spanish, see the NIC DO website at

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