Newspapers beat the doomsayers’ final deadline

There’s the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end: but what about the end of the end – as in the end of the end of print newspapers? You remember what it was like two years ago, amid great wails of crunched despair, as economies tanked, advertising collapsed and only the all-conquering internet marched on? Conventional newspapers weren’t just withering a bit: they were dying in droves. It would only be a mere five or 10 years, some analysts declared, before there’d be no papers left at all.But now, packing holiday bags and preparing for a long, sunny sleep, look at the record. In America, where the direst predictions flourished, Time ran a March 2009 article on the nation’s “10 most endangered newspapers” and forecast that “eight would cease publication in the next 18 months”. Well, that was 17 months ago, and all 10, from the Miami Herald to the San Francisco Chronicle, are still publishing.

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