New Zealand ISPs may be sued for letting users bypass geoblocks

New Zealand internet service providers that give users the ability to bypass geoblocks to access overseas digital content have been threatened with legal action by four of the country’s major media broadcasters.Television New Zealand (TVNZ), the country’s government-owned national broadcaster, and pay-television operator Sky, Lightbox and MediaWorks, have confirmed they are preparing legal action against Call Plus and Bypass Network Services on the basis of breach of copyright. see:NZ broadcasters launch battle against global mode ISPs
New Zealand broadcasters have confirmed they’ve launched legal proceedings against internet service providers who give customers’ access to “global mode”, which allows customers access to offshore online content, claiming it breaches the local content providers’ copyright.Sky Network Television along with Television New Zealand, Media Works TV and Lightbox, Spark New Zealand’s online streaming service, are taking action against Bypass Network Services, CallPlus Services, Orcon and Flip Services, Sky TV said in a statement.

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