New Zealand-born, Australian-based spam mastermind fined $210,000

A Queensland email spam mastermind has been fined and banned from sending unsolicited commercial messages for seven years.Sunshine Coast man Lance Thomas Atkinson, 26, was slapped with a $210,000 fine and ordered to pay $15,000 court costs for bombarding Australian internet users with emails that encouraged them to click through to websites that allegedly used false claims to peddle prescription drugs, as well as “male enhancement” and weight-loss pills. fined $210,000 over online spam
A Federal Court judge in Brisbane has fined a Queensland man $210,000 over a major online spam operation.The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) took legal action against 26-year-old Lance Thomas Atkinson, whose company sent millions of unsolicited emails for herbal goods, replica watches and adult products. Coast email spammer fined $210,000
Sunshine Coast man Lance Thomas Atkinson has been fined $210,000 in the Federal Court over a spamming scam that sent billions of emails to websites in India.The emails posted false adverts offering lifestyle drugs to computer users and claimed the medication was being legally dispensed from the US.,23836,26517159-3102,00.html spammer fined in Qld court [AAP]
A New Zealand-born Queensland man who headed up one of the world’s largest online spamming operations has been given a $A210,000 penalty. Zealand spammer fined $210,000
A New-Zealand man has been fined $210,000 for breaching the Spam Act 2003 in a case brought by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in the Federal Court of Brisbane.Lance Thomas Atkinson was found by the court to have sent more than 100,000 unsolicited spam emails to Australians advertising “herbal products, watches and other items”. spam mastermind fined £116,000
A New Zealander accused of being the mastermind of the world’s largest known “spam gang” has been fined $A210,000 (£116,000) by an Australian court after admitting his involvement in the international network that could send 10 billion emails a day.

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