New TLDs Won’t Impact Most Firms say Gartner

In one of the more rational analysis of ICANN’s recent decision to approve a proposal to allow for the creation of additional, arbitrarily named gTLDs, Gartner has concluded in some cases any new approved gTLDs will have value, they expect “classic” TLDs, particularly “.com,” to continue to overwhelmingly dominate the domain name marketplace.Gartner give examples of a .movie TLD as one that could be successful in much the same way .TV has been leveraged to take advantage of television programmes. They also expect the previously rejected .XXX to be a likely success should it be approved. Gartner also believe language-specific TLDs may make navigation to appropriate sites easier, and may also prove to be popular. The same may be true, to a more limited extent, for locations.To read Gartner’s analysis in full, see

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