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New Terms And Conditions For .BE Domains

DNS BE logoThe Belgian registry has finalised a new version of its terms and conditions for .BE domain names that take effect from 14 June.

The main change is for transfers, with the new policy stating in part six that:
c) If a registrant wishes to move the domain name to a new registrar, the new transfer procedure, as mentioned below, applies. The registrant contacts the registrar to whom he whishes to transfer the domain name and asks him to apply for a transfer code to DNS.be. DNS.be sents the transfer code to the e- mail address of the registrant, as mentioned in the DNS.be database. The registrant delivers this code to his new registrar who will initiate the transfer by using this code. The internal application of DNS.be checks if the given transfer code matches with the domain name for which the transfer was initiated. If this match checks out, the transfer will be executed. The transfer code will be valid for 7 calendar days.
d) When a registrant wants to transfer a domain name to a third party, the latter must ask his registrar to start the procedure described in item c) of this article with the transfer code that this third party received from the registrant. The successful execution of the procedures described in items c) and d) of this article means that a new registration period is started for the concerned domain names and implies payment of the original registration fee as specified in article 4 a). No reimbursement of fees paid for the initial registration period shall be made.

More information and the complete new terms and conditions is available from dns.be.

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