New Sedo Transfer Overview Page

Sedo logoSedo is happy to announce a new transfer overview page and communication tool for domain transfers. In an effort to make the domain transfer process more efficient and secure, Sedo Transfer Specialists will no longer be corresponding through email updates. Instead, transfer details will be accessible exclusively through Sedo’s Transfer Overview page. When you have a transfer taking place, you are now able to reach your  Transfer Specialist directly through one-on-one messaging, upload related documents, update and review technical transfer details and track your billing information.

On the Transfer Overview page you will be presented with the following 3 tabs to choose from:


Status: our secure one-on-one messaging is now the only way to communicate with your Transfer Specialist. You will only receive a general notification email if there is any change to your transfer status and/or when your  Transfer Specialist posts a message to your account. You can reference and review your message history conveniently at anytime.

Documents: You can view documents such as payment requests, payment notes and the purchase and sales agreement. You can also upload transfer related documents to this page as well.

Details: To help keep you organized, you can access transfer related details including your registrar details and billing information in one convenient location.

Sedo’s new Transfer Overview page allows you to become a part of the transfer process by offering you advanced options and easy to use features. Our team of Transfer Specialists and your transfer details are more accessible than ever, so make sure to take advantage of this new service!

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