New Policies Regarding ".pe" Domain Names

Ruddy Medina has advised that “Beginning December 8th 2007, the new policies regarding .pe domain names will come effective. Among the most important changes there are the chance for registration and payment on-line for the domain name, the supressing of the 10-day period for new solicitations publicity, the chance por transfering the domain to a new owner and the reduction and supressing of several previous restrictions, as were the peruvian toponymics and surnames, among others.
“Also, domain names directly on the second level (.pe subdomain) will be registered, which for it has been established a 60-calendar-days sunrise period, so present domain holders in the third level can register theirs in the second. After this sunrise period, anyone will be able to register directly on the second level.
“Besides, new registration opposition system has been eliminated. A new domain-trademark controversy resolving system is being implemented. This new procedure will gather principles from WIPO´s (World Intellectual Property Organization) Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), which have been used by ICANN for the same goal.”
Ruddy Medina
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