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New numeric domain filter from Sedo

Sedo logoIntroducing a new feature in Sedo’s search filter allowing for numeric domains to be found easier

Sedo just integrated a new feature: a search filter that will only show numeric domain names in the search results. This is valuable for all Sedo customers but will especially impact our Chinese customers whose interest in domains in general, and numeric domains in particular continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Throughout 2015, sales for numeric domains, such as or, have increased exponentially, particularly with buyers from China. In the last week of October 2015, more than 10% of Sedo’s sales were domains containing numbers only.

This feature makes it easier than ever to find a valuable numeric domain name, may it be for a personal or business website or as a smart investment. For example, was sold for $245,000, showcasing the massive resale value of numeric domains.

The new search feature can be found in the advanced search filter options in Sedo’s search engine: