New Microsoft Campaign Promotes Privacy Prowess

Microsoft has launched yet another privacy awareness campaign, but this time around, the company decided to focus more on its own privacy right-doings rather than Google’s alleged wrongdoings. Declaring ” your privacy is our priority,” the campaign runs online, in print, and on TV, billing Microsoft as the “good guy” of online privacy and offering educational resources for those who want to better control what they share online.In a blog post introducing the campaign, Microsoft quoted a consumer survey that found 85 percent of Americans are concerned about their online privacy, but “far fewer” take action. Ryan Gavin, Windows general manager, said, “While we don’t pretend to have all of the answers, we do want to help raise awareness for how you can have greater choice and control as you browse the web.” see:Microsoft asks: What’s your online privacy type?
What’s your privacy type? That’s the question Microsoft is asking with a new consumer campaign that’s focused on measuring consumer attitudes toward online privacy.As part of its new initiative, the tech giant has put out a quiz asking people to assess their attitudes about online privacy. The spectrum goes from the unconcerned “Casual Surfer” to those who say “Privacy Please.”

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