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New gTLDs Pass One And A Third Million Registrations

The number of new gTLD registrations passed one and a third million registrations on 25 June as numbers continue to grow, reaching 1,360,646 at the end of 29 June according nTLDstats.com, largely on the back of differing promotions for leading gTLDs .xyz and .berlin.The .xyz gTLD continues to lead on registration numbers and now has over 227,000 registrations on the back of a controversial promotion run by Network Solutions that gives their .com registrants the equivalent .xyz domain for free unless they specifically opted out.In second is .berlin that recently ran a very successful promotion that saw almost 90,000 registrations in three days due to a maximum fee charged for each domain of €5.55, and which now has over 136,000 registrations.Of course, the key to any of these promotions is to ensure that there are a high number of renewals when they become due.Coming third by registration numbers is .club with over 77,000 registrations and .guru that’s closing in on 64,000 registrations. These are the only four of the 144 gTLDs that have entered General Availability with over 40,000 registrations.There are 27 gTLDs with over 10,000 registrations, 58 with more than 5,000 and 138 with more than 1,000.Other numbers include 315 gTLDs that have been delegated, 152 registrars accepting new gTLD registrations and 26 registries for new gTLDs.