New gTLDs and the Impact on Domain Registrations of Financial Crisis

The new gTLD proposals have made it to the Australian press with an article in The Australian that begins saying there will be a slowdown in domain name registration growth in the current financial climate. The article quotes research from MAP Research that says there will be almost 300 million domain name registrations by 2011, but that “growth will fall to an average of 13.6 per cent over the three-year period, with new activity concentrated in developing markets such as China”, according to MAP director Marco Marcou, with the majority of growth coming in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries.The article says the number of TLDs could grow from about the current 240 to possibly more than 1,000. Adrian Kinderis from AusRegistry is interviewed for the article who says the proposed fees for each new TLD will be used to deter individuals from grabbing names with a view to re-selling them and to investigate the bona fides of applicants.The article raises concerns such as is there is a .bank approved, who will ensure there are no fraudulent names registered in this gTLD.Also interviewed is Bruce Tonkin who says companies that register their own domains will be able to add second-tier words to help customers find special offers on the internet instantly. Tonkin says consumers will come to recognise .insertyourbrandhere as a sign of credibility and a stamp of authenticity. Kinderis gives the example of the film industry who could register .film and allow only its members to use it, that confusion could be resolved over time.To read this article in full, see:,,24961869-7582,00.html,24897,24963248-15306,00.html

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