New gTLD Stroll Past 1.5 Million Registrations With .XYZ Taking One In Five

The 1,500,000th registration of a domain name under one of the new gTLDs happened in the last few days, probably last Friday, although exactly when is hard to pinpoint on daily update.Currently total new gTLD registrations are showing at 1,517,747 with around one in five (301,627 – 19.87%) of these being .xyz registrations. Just on registrations, the second most successful new gTLD has been .berlin, which now has 136,943 domains under management, or 9.02 percent of all new gTLDs.Both of these new gTLDs have had differing promotions that have been extremely successful at getting them initial registrations. Network Solutions has run a promotion for .xyz where their .com registrants received the equivalent .xyz domain for free, resulting in Network Solutions being responsible for 232,685 of the gTLD’s DUM, or over three-quarters (77.14%) of the total.The .berlin gTLD ran a successful promotion itself with a limited number of registrars where the maximum fee charged per domains was €5.55, with some even giving away domains. After three days of the promotion, DUM had jumped almost 90,000.According to the latest statistics, the third most popular of the new gTLDs is .club with 83,003 DUM, followed by .guru (65,137) and then .photography (40,603).These are the only gTLDs with over 40,000 registrations. There are a total of 13 of the new gTLDs with over 20,000 registrations, 29 with more than 10,000, 62 with more than 5,000 and 137 with more than 1,000.Overall there appears to be 152 of the new gTLDs that have entered General Availability and 322 that have been delegated. There are 28 registries responsible for the new gTLDs and 161 registrars that are accepting registrations for at least one of the new gTLDs with GoDaddy being the largest with 286,069 domains registered through it.

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