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New gTLD Registrations Pass Quarter Million As .GURU Tops The Chart

The new gTLD .guru is to date by far the most successful new gTLD when it comes to domains under management, with 44,800 of the 253,808, or 17.66 percent of all new gTLD registrations according to figures provided by nTLDstats.com.Coming in second is .photography with 28,163 registrations, or 11.10 percent while interestingly the shorter .camera is 22nd with 3,307 (1.30%) registrations. And third and fourth are .tips and today with 15,109 (5.96%) and 15,076 (5.94%) registrations respectively.The only other gTLDs with over 10,000 registrations to date are .technology with 10,725 (4.23%) registrations and .directory with 10,094 (3.98%).Geographical gTLDs to date have not entered General Availability, but the German .ruhr and .berlin are leading the way to date, with .ruhr coming in 42nd with 202 registrations and .berlin is 43rd with 195.The first non-English domain is also the first non-Latin gTLD. Currently coming in 27th is みんな (which translates as “everyone”) with 2,778 (1.09%) registrations while شبكة (.shabaka which translates as “web”) has 21 registrations.And the first brand to be delegated, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has the grand total of two registrations!