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New gTLD Registrations Rocket Past 21 Million As .XYZ Rockets To 5.6 Million [UPDATED]

The heavily discounted promotion for .xyz’s second birthday certainly paid dividends when it comes to registration numbers with the gTLD rocketing to 5.612 million registrations, according to Four days ago there on 31 May there were 2.920 million registrations.But the value of the .xyz promotion in financial terms is negligible to the registry, particularly for the next 12 Which means that it has now made it into the top ten TLDs globally and has around twice the number of registrations of the second largest of the new gTLDs, .top, which has 2.552 million registrations. The tenth largest TLD was .info, as of the end of 2015 and according to today has 5.510 million registrations.On the back of the massive jump in registrations, total new gTLD registrations surged almost 2.7 million from 18.319 million on 31 May to 21.122 million on 4 June.months. And as has been seen in previous heavily discounted promotions for new gTLDs, the renewal rate is very low. But then, even if only a small percentage of registrations renew, then it could be considered successful. And who knows, the registry may well have another discounted promotion for its third birthday.The above post was updated to reflect an extra 24 hours of domain registrations, mainly due to another surge in registrations for .xyz.