New gTLD Pre-Registrations Guarantee You… Registrar Spam

The proliferation of registrars offering pre-registrations for new generic Top Level Domains has become alarming. There have been no approvals for new gTLDs, nor indeed have there even been any applications with the three month application window only opening on 12 January 2012.

Blacknight Solutions, an Irish registrar, has raised this as an issue noting that many of the gTLDs being touted that may never even exist. Just because some would like to apply for a gTLD does not mean they will.

There will be an extensive application process as well as the upfront application fee to ICANN of $185,000.

After receiving several queries from customers, Blacknight said they discovered that registrants interested in acquiring domains in rumoured new gTLDs had become confused by these offers as they are not familiar with how the new TLD implementation might work. They note that this sort of speculative offer is the equivalent of taking a down payment on a concept car that has not been approved for production. It is a false promise.

So just by putting your name down for pre-registration means nothing in your ability to get the domain should any new gTLD be approved. Even if approved, it is possible you might not be eligible to apply for your desired domain name.

About the only thing you are likely to gain from pre-registration with a registrar you do not normally deal with is unwanted communications cluttering your email inbox!

Any approved gTLD is going to have sunrise and landrush periods for interested registrants. So if you desire a domain name in a new gTLD, keep an eye out on what gTLDs are approved. Check out the eligibility and if you still want one, contact a registrar such as Europe Registry.