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New .BET Domain Sunrise Period Begins 5 February

Afilias logo[news release] Afilias, a leading domain registry operator announces that the Sunrise Period for the new “dot BET” or .BET top level domain is now open for eligible trademark holders only. .BET is the best Internet address for sports betting, gambling, various games of chance and all other online and offline wagering activities. .BET domains immediately convey to a global audience that a site’s content is related to betting and is perfect for marketing as it is short and easy to remember. 

Sunrise: Today through February 4, 2016, registration of .BET domains is limited strictly to eligible trademark holders. To apply, please visit a sunrise authorized registrar.
Landrush: From February 8 through February 12, 2016, .BET domains will be available using a Dutch Auction format. During the auction, available names will start at a maximum price, which will be lowered in decrements daily as registrants decide at what price point they wish to register. Landrush ends on February 12, 2016. All interested gaming fans and organizations should start thinking of the names you want and be ready to “place your .bet” when landrush begins!
Open Registration: Begins March 3, 2016. For more information about the .BET domain and registration schedule details, please visit
“Afilias is excited to introduce .BET, the new top level domain created for the sports betting and online gambling community,” said Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias. “.BET is the ideal Internet address for all games of chance and wagering activities both on and offline. Everything from sports betting to casino-style gaming can benefit from a .BET address.”
Online gaming and betting sites continue to grow significantly with millions of players generating billions of dollars in revenues every year. Many parts of Europe and Asia have had legal online gambling for years; in the US, there are four states that allow online gaming, and more states are expected to approve it soon. .BET is being launched to support this burgeoning industry by making it easier for consumers to find betting sites. Any entity that deals with betting, wagering, or casino gaming is a perfect candidate for a .BET address!
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