New battery could reduce phone charging to just one minute

[IDG] Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new battery that can be recharged in about a minute and is safer than the lithium-ion cells used in everything from smartwatches to passenger jets.It could one day mean super-fast charging of smartphones and other gadgets.The battery uses aluminum-ion cells, which are much cheaper than lithium-ion. They’re also high performance and are not prone to bursting into flames or exploding when damaged, as lithium ion batteries can do. see:Aluminium battery can charge phone in one minute, scientists say
Scientists say they have invented a new battery that could fully charge a smartphone in just one minute.The researchers have created an aluminium battery which they hope could replace the lithium models commonly found in laptops and mobile phones. aluminium the answer to all our battery prayers?
New research by Stanford University into aluminium batteries promises to produce cells that are big enough for a smartphone and charge in just 60 seconds.The new high-performance aluminium-ion battery is the first using the metal – more commonly found in aircraft and car bodies – to demonstrate long life and fast charging. It does this using a graphite electrode. Previous aluminium batteries have suffered from poor life, failing after 100 recharge cycles.Stanford’s new battery can be recharged around 7,500 times. Typical lithium-ion batteries used in everything from smartphones and laptops to electric cars last around 1,000 recharge cycles.But the new aluminium-ion batteries are far from being available for commercial use in electronics, producing just half the voltage of lithium-ion batteries.

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