New 2nd Level .br Domain to make Internet Banking Safe in Brazil

Internet banking in Brazil has become much safer with the launch of the new second level domain “”.

Since September 24 banks in Brazil have been able to register their domain names under “B.BR”. This new second level domain is only available for financial institutions and is intended to allow safe transactions for the almost 30 million people that use internet banking in Brazil.

In Brazil there are 6.9 billion online transactions every year, or around 17 per cent of the total banking transactions in the country.

The extension “B.BR” is only allowed for those institutions that guarantee major levels of protection on their online systems to avoid any virtual fraud. New web sites under “B.BR” will be protected by a new identification system called DNSSEC capable of recognizing and validating the authenticity of every web page before a user goes inside.

Whit this new domain in Brazil, users will be able to safely go about their transaction if the Bank’s web site ends with “B.BR”. Today some banks already are using this new safe domain name. For example eBradesco ( ) offers a safe web site avoiding very common frauds like phishing.

It could be very interesting that other countries adopt this alliance between critical transactions and safe domains to protect the internet integrity as a total.

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Thanks to NameAction for alerting us to this story.