Neustar’s .CO Domain Celebrates 5th Birthday, Sees Staggering Adoption Across Global Entrepreneurs, Startups and Innovators

.CO Internet logoNeustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today (20 July) celebrates the fifth birthday of the .CO web extension. The .CO domain is rapidly becoming the No. 1 choice for innovators and entrepreneurs seeking to build, and amplify their global digital presence.
The .CO domain has been adopted by high growth startups, such as Twitter® ( and, AngelList® ( and 500 Startups® (, as well as by innovative Fortune 500 companies, such as Google® ( and American Express® ( Neustar currently manages over 1.8 million .CO domain names across more than 200 countries and territories.

“Today, the domain industry is in the middle of a radical transformation, opening up opportunities for an unprecedented level of innovation and opportunity,” said Lori Anne Wardi, Vice President of Registry Services, Neustar. “The businesses, brands, and ideas that are being created on .CO every day on a global scale are fundamentally changing the landscape of the Internet, and Neustar has been instrumental in driving that change.”

The Internet is currently at an inflection point offering businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and innovators an opportunity to shape the fabric of their online existence. With the explosion of connected devices, the opening of the Internet’s domain naming system, and the proliferation of mobile computing, brands have a new opportunity to shape their interactions with consumers. Neustar has been helping companies establish, protect and promote their online presence for over fifteen years, and continues to help organizations navigate this new frontier.

“.CO symbolizes creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, which is exactly what Techstars is all about,” said Marc Nager, Chief Community Officer, Techstars. “For the past five years we have partnered with .CO through our Startup Weekend Events, and have provided tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in every corner of the world with .CO domains to help launch their businesses, brands and big ideas online,” he added.

Short and memorable, .CO domains are indexed and ranked by major search engines exactly the same way as .com and .org extensions. More than just a domain, choosing a .CO domain gives businesses and brands access to exclusive perks, privileges and promotions. .CO’s “Membership Program” helps speed the path to digital success through carefully curated promotions, such as free SEO consulting and tickets to top technology conferences. Neustar is committed to fostering a thriving community of digital visionaries who are building the future of the Internet together, one URL at a time. Neustar is the official registry operator for Colombia’s .CO domain.

.CO Birthday Milestones

  • Over 1.8 Million .CO domains under management
  • 120 .CO companies have raised $460 million in funding in 2015
  • Over 55% of .CO registrants are from the United States
  • 45% of .CO domains are registered outside of the United States
  • New York City is the top U.S. city with the most .CO domains registered
  • Some popular startups with a .CO domain include, Meerkat, Brit + Co, Hinge, Vine, VSCO and NewCo

In celebration of .CO’s fifth birthday, Neustar is providing a set of exclusive offers to its community of innovators and entrepreneurs through its Membership Program, which include free public relations consulting, memberships to co-working space, and access to high value software to help startup founders run their business.

CO 5th Birthday Infographic