Neustar Publishes Safer Domains: DNS Security and Resilience

Neustar is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to domain names. Providers of security services that protects brands around the world, providing ads and providing backend registry services to over 220 top-level domains. So that they’ve got detailed knowledge on the scale and frequency of threats on domain names and DNS infrastructure, is no surprise.

So this week they’ve published “Safer Domains: Security and Resilience In The Domain Name Industry” that shows these threats are continuing to rise. In their introduction, Neustar notes that “as an industry, we must work together with the relevant authorities and technology providers to ensure that we’re maintaining an internet that is as secure as possible for our billions of users. For domain name Registries and technical providers, collaboration, openness and a willingness to invest will be key to differentiating ourselves and protecting digital consumers.”

Their Safer Domains publication explores the latest news, analysis and opinion on security and resilience in the domain name industry, from the team at Neustar Registry — leaders in Registry safety and security.

There are 4 main articles: Why beating the biggest DDoS attacks is only half the battle, The tremendous team effort behind building Colombia’s digital security, How do you take down a website? And DNS Audits: What you need to know.

To download the publication, go to:

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