Neustar Launches Programme To Assist Brands Get Their gTLD for $10K Per Year

Neustar has launched a programme to assist business to simply and affordably apply for and meet ICANN’s registration requirements for new generic Top Level Domains.With the application window set to open on 12 January, there will be companies pondering their response, and wondering what their competitors will do. It is most likely several, or many, will jump in apply for their own gTLD only because of the fear their competitors may do the same.Off the record discussions indicate that several companies are wondering what their competitors will do. Some will wait and see. But with only a three month window and the likelihood many applications will not lodged to the last minute, or confidentially if this is possible, it is a gamble. It is also possible it could be some time, years even, before a new application window is opened.So with all this in mind, the tight timeframe and the $185,000 application fee to ICANN, Neustar has developed a programme to assist with the fast learning and quick decisions required for enterprises wanting to take advantage of the power, benefits and innovative possibilities that come with owning their own “.brand.”The Brand Assurance Programme is a starter programme that helps companies and organisations simply and affordably meet ICANN’s registration requirements, and includes an easy migration path to additional services brands will need when they decide to fully deploy gTLDs. The programme provides technical and operational requirements needed to meet the strict guidelines of ICANN’s gTLD application process. It also includes the capabilities needed to operate and manage domains.The programme costs brand owners $10,000 per year.”Neustar has the most current and relevant experience in launching successful new TLDs and we are excited about the prospect of helping enterprises bring their global brands closer to their consumers online,” said Diane Strahan, senior vice president of Registry Services for Neustar.”We have been in the registry business for more than a decade and are one of the largest, most experienced DNS providers operating in the world, so local and global companies can confidently leave the heavy lifting to us. There’s no one better positioned to help enterprises navigate the complexities of the ICANN application process and the registry business.”To learn more of the Neustar Brand Assurance Programme, see

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